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Cabell, James Branch: 1879-1958 

Cabell, James Branch

Cabell, William D.

Cabeza de Vaca, Álvar Núñez

Cady, H. Emilie

Caesar, Julius

  • Commentaries on the Gallic War LANGUAGE: Latin SUBJECT: Classics Gaul -- History -- B.C. 58- A.D. 511

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    Cahan, Abraham

    Caine, Hall

    Caius -- Fragments(NewAdvent) 

    Caird, Mona (1854-1932) 

    Calamity Jane (pseud. Marthy Cannary Burk)

    Calhoun, John Caldwell: 1782-1850 

    Callistus (Pope) -- First Epistle (NewAdvent) and Second Epistle (NewAdvent) 

    Calvin, John : (1509-1564) 

    Cambridge, Ada (Cross) (1844-1926) 

    Campanella, Tommaso


    Canary, Martha:

    Canfield Fisher, Dorothy :(1879-1958) 

    Card, Orson Scott:

    Cardozo, Benjamin

    Carleton, J. Harry

    Caris, John:

    • Foundation for a New Consciousness: An Essay on Art, Science, and Meditation "Using examples of modern literature, art, and music, Caris shows that the arts form the basis for meditation. At the center is paradoxical thinking, which the author clarifies through an in-depth investigation. The new consciousness is based on a holistic and alchemical blending of ancient and modern ideas that encourages the growth of a healthy mind. Enhanced by lively drawings, this book will help readers find their inner space and transform their consciousness."
    • Reality Inspector "A world championship chess match is the backdrop for this intriguing detective story. The main computer of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is being tampered with and the results can destroy the U.S. economy. Actual chess games are used, and they act aslaunching pads for journeys into strange and challenging worlds."

    Carleton, S.

    Carleton, Will: 1845-1912 

    Carlyle, Thomas 

    Carman, Bliss: 1861-1929 

    Carpenter, Edward:

    Carpenter, John A.:

    Carpenter, John C. 

    Carr, Mildred

    Carroll, Charles

    Carroll, Lewis: 1832-1898 AKA:Dodgson,Charles Lutwidge 

    Carthage, Council of -- Acts (NewAdvent) 

    Carthage, Council of (under Cyprian) -- Remains of the Acts (NewAdvent) 

    Carus, Paul

    Carus, Titus Lucretius see: Lucretius Carus, Titus

    Carvalho, David Nunes:

    Cary, Alice : (1820-1871) 

  • Biography from Our Album of Authors at Celebration of Women Writers and 
  • Cary, Elisabeth Luther

    Cary, Phoebe: (1824-1871) 

  • Biography from Our Album of Authors at Celebration of Women Writers 
  • Cassian, John

    Casson, Herbert Newton. : 1869 - 

    Cather, Willa Sibert: 1873-1947

    St. Catherine of Genoa: (1347-1380)

    Cato, Marcus Porcius

  • Catullus
    • in English (soon!) and Latin(Perseus)

    Cawein, Madison Julius: 1865-1914 

    Cerfberr, Anatole:

    Cervantes, Miguel de: 1547-1616 

    Chalcedon, Council of (Fourth Ecumenical) 

    Chandler, John A.

    Chapin, Edwin Hubbell:

    Chapman, George, trans 

    Chapman, John Jay: 1862-1933 

    Chaucer, Geoffrey : circa 1340-1400 

    Chekhov, Anton

    Cheney, John Vance

    Cherbuliez, Victor:

    Chesnutt, Charles Waddell.: 1858-1932 

    Chesterton, G. K.: [Gilbert Keith], 1874-1936 

    Chesterton, G. K. ; Perris, G. H. ; Garnett, Edward

    Child, Lydia Maria

    Childers, Erskine:

    Childs, Starling W.

    Chopin, Kate O'Flaherty: 1851-1904 

    Chretien de Troyes  

    Christie, Agatha : 1891-1976 

    Christophe, Jules:

    Chubb, Ralph:

    Churchill, Winston: 1871-1947 



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